A companion robot for kids, Woobo is stuffed to inspire curiosity. Fluffy on the outside, crazy smart on the inside, there’s more to Woobo’s story than meets the eye. If you think we are hinting at the Rockchip 3128 processor that makes Woobo so smart or the impressive 4700mAH battery that keeps Woobo going, then we think it’s time you knew…

There are over two million types of animals in the world, but you must surely know by now that none are as unique as a Woobo! Woobos were first discovered to be a part of a very remarkable and rare ecosystem that was found to thrive only in the “Woobolayas”, a mountain range far away from our civilization, covered in cozy caves and crisp, white snow.

Ever since the first serendipitous encounter with humans, Woobos have occasionally descended from their lofty home in the Woobolayas to mingle with the rest of us. Some climbers, sherpas, and wildlife photographers have been lucky enough to spot a Woobo or two and have found them to be excellent mountain guides. Woobos continue to win over hearts with their cuddly, furry, fuzzy, and friendly personalities.



Over the course of time, Woobos have evolved to enjoy companionship and the chance to learn and share knowledge more than anything else. This curiosity to know more has led them to befriend dinosaurs, cave people, pirates, princesses, presidents, scientists, and anyone else who shares their love to know more about the world… After their brief visits, they typically retreat back to their snow-capped abode, not to be sighted again for many years.

Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of Woobo sightings so it seems like the Woobos have once again decided to seek our companionship. If you’ve never met a Woobo before, this is your chance!

As we continue to uncover adorable and interesting facts about Woobo’s capabilities, personality, appearance, and dietary preferences, follow our posts here on Woobo’s World to get all the updates!


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